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Aolon Air Cooler Fan Bladeless Fan Handheld Desktop Fan

Pengiriman : Aolon Indonesia
Gratis Ongkir se-Indonesia
harga awal Rp 269.000,00
harga saat ini Rp 136.850,00

Feature: 1.BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ARE SUITABLE FOR BLADELESS FAN - very cute cat design, pink series symbolizes sweetheart, very suitable for girls, green series symbolizes cold, science, very suitable for boys. 2.THREE-SPEED WIND SPEED - portable usb leafless fan uses a unique bladeless fan with three fan speeds, which can be adjusted at any time according to the environment and temperature. 3.EASY TO CARRY - portable handheld bladeless fan Very compact, easy to carry, very suitable for summer outdoor, amusement park, camping, party use. 4.LARGE-CAPACITY BATTERY - usb bladeless fan uses 18650 lithium battery, battery capacity 2000 mAh, sustainable use for 8 hours. (Tips: The sound used in the house is relatively large. If you like quiet, please try to use it outdoors.) Why choose us: 1> Durable and long service life 2> comfortable and convenient 3> easy to use 4> 100% new high quality. 5> 24 hours feedback excellent customer service Characteristic: 1. Portable mobile small leafless fan electronic products can be directly charged and stored by usb, which is convenient for users to use indoors or outdoors, giving people a feeling of cool and comfortable. 2. Key status switching loop : Standby--1 wind--2 wind--3 wind--standby 3. 18650 lithium battery 2000 mAh Package include: Bladeless fan*1 Charging cable*1